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Organic SEO & How to Establish Yourself on Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important element of an effective web presence. SEO optimizes the visibility of your website on leading search engines such as Google and BING - Optimizing your website effectively will greatly increase your websites ability to drive targeted traffic towards the more relevant pages on your site. Generally, SEO services are comprised of meticulous tweaking spanning many months (or years), strategic planning and other resources in order to execute a strategy that is fully coherent with your existing and future marketing and strategic initiative. In order to optimize your web presence, it is essential to first identify your performance targets, then, conduct market research to evaluate your positioning against your competitors.

Meticulous Process

Once you have identified the driving keyword combinations to utilize across your SEO strategy, identifying your key performance indicators to assessing how your competitors are performing online, the organic SEO process involves exhaustive research. The CCBI also carefully examines your website and presence for any elements which have the potential to penalize your ranking on the search engines. This includes page speed optimization and other incremental improvements to your sites performance.

Tangible Results

  • Allows you to target visitors in a very specific manner Provides better conversion rates than other advertising channels Generates a better than average ROI Contributes to the growth of long term results Increases your brand's online awareness
  • Site Audit

    A SEO site audit is performed in order to identify any issues with the current structure of your website and provide recommendations on how to remove the roadblocks getting between you and your performance goals. By eliminating any hurdles to crawlers, mapping the site architecture, ensuring that all relevant keywords are appropriately targeted, and other key considerations, the site audit is a roadmap for fixes that will ultimately improve your site’s ability to draw SEO traffic. We know how to see a site the way search engines do. We surface and resolve communication confusion between your site and search engines in order to break down any barriers to performance.

  • Content Creation

    Strong content earns respect and recommendations from people and sites. Great content creates connections between your website and others. Search engines recognize this by rewarding quality content with rankings and visitorship.

    Promotion & Outreach

    We take useful content and use it to build relationships with people, proactively engaging with relevant audiences about things that matter to them. By running contests, events, blogger outreach campaigns and more, we allow great content to reach its full potential.

    Google+ Local & Local SEO

    Google’s results have evolved tremendously to accommodate highly local searches with customized results. While SEO is largely about attracting people to your site, it is ultimately about attracting people to your business, whether online or offline.

    A Quality Site Brings Quality Traffic

    Search engine traffic is highly qualified traffic that any business can bank on. Our approach is designed to grab the attention of search engine crawlers to help you earn valuable visits.

    Become a Powerhouse

    Attain the kind of exposure online that a modern company requires to succeed in business.

    Consult with the CCBI on your web-services & be assured your organization is about to become a powerhouse on-line. Your business will gain invaluable web exposure and enhancements across the board which will help you drive your future quarters all the way home.

    Content that Attracts

    Captivating content is important, yes, though do it in a way that your message is portrayed as a solution to the needs of your target market. The CCBI can help you create content that your visitors will actually enjoy reading, refer their friends to, and learn from. Educational, consultative and in abundance – The more content you develop and offer on your website, the more effective your presence will become.

    Offers that Convert

    Companies which fail to align their sales & marketing initiatives to their clients buying stage run the risk of being leveraged out of the market by those who do. Simply put, it is crucial to include meaningful, complimentary offers which empower your clients to buy smarter while enabling you to make that first connection.

    Communication that Closes

    Using powerful statements and closing dialogue can be tricky when keeping things sensible and in context, though not being too assumptive is key to closing the deal. Web-consulting from the CCBI encompasses these key principals to successful copyrighting and lays the foundation to a successful on-line campaign. Your messages will be highly targeted, yet informative & captivating.

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    Why consult with the CCBI?

    Well, for starters – We are results oriented & focused on your success, which makes us successful too.

    Every CCBI web service is tailored to your needs, we don’t merely hodgepodge random elements together and smatter it all over the place – Its elegantly custom, effectively functional design that makes everything happen.

    We’re also:


    An effective website is a complicated thing.


    We examine your competition and do better for you.

    Results Oriented

    Your Website is a marketing tool first, work of art second.

    Very Professional

    You'll never be left in the dark, wondering, waiting. Ever.


    Continually Increase Your Market Share

    An effective online presence is one of the most important facets of the modern business model – Our web solutions are meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of your organization with a strong focus on lead nurturing principles and overall satisfaction. We assess your competition and identify opportunities to further develop upon and promote what truly defines your company as a leader, which ultimately leads to a higher lead/sale conversion rate.


    We provide free quotes on all web design, web development, marketing, SEO, communications, document design and much more. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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