Canadian Small Businesses Have Become Complacent Online

Create effective content supported by the right web technologies

The vast majority of small businesses in Canada have become complacent over the past 3-5 years when it comes to their websites and the technologies which power and support their success and marketability.

An effective online presence is largely determined by the content you create (original) and how often you create it, the up-keep. Learning about and investing in the proper web technologies is equally important as the two go hand-in-hand in delivering a compelling message to your audience as effectively as possible.

As mobile devices drop in price and become increasingly used in favour over the traditional ‘PC’ alternative, ensuring your website is mobile friendly or responsive in design is absolutely fundamental to your online business endeavours.

Simply put, by creating helpful content upon progressive web technologies, you are setting yourself up to not only present well, but attract and retain successive growth in your industry.

Generally speaking, most recently developed sites don’t natively support mobile devices and are not designed to scale as needed – The impact of this goes far beyond the usability of your website, but also negatively affects the impression visitors will be left with when they fail to convert to a lead as a result of frustrations with the experience.

The CCBI can assist you with the selection and implementation of cost-affective Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress which are relatively straight forward to work with, while being free to build up from.

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